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Advisory Services
What do we do?

Getting the most out of the investment into public Cloud requires changing or adjusting many aspects of work outside of technology. Supporting this Cloud journey is the core focus of CO4’s Advisory services.

Our Advisory Services

Cloud Roadmap and Strategy

We can assist with building a Cloud strategy for our customers. Our work is based on an agile strategy framework, identifying the strategic themes for a customer and then identifying the right tactical steps forward.

One of the next steps could be for example to build a business case for a Cloud migration based on change in TCO and benefits gained by the migration. As Infrastructure becomes a software platform the way you operate your IT business needs to change and adapt as well. We provide services to help design and implement a new Cloud native operating model.

Cloud Adoption Services

Our Cloud adoption consultants are your trusted advisors to guide you through your Cloud journey. Changes in the Cloud are happening on a rapid pace. The Cloud adoption consultants keep you informed on a regular basis about new releases, define a roadmap that fits in your Cloud strategy and help you make the right decisions that are future proof. They will monitor and analyse your Cloud spend and provide recommendations or optimisations to reduce the TCO of your cloud environment.

Cloud Centre of Excellence

CO4 can guide you in establishing a CCoE in your organisation. Having a dedicated team with single-threaded ownership over an organisation’s most important initiatives is one of the most effective way to get results fast and influence change.