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Intelligent Cloud – Intelligent Edge

Our consultants can assist you with taking the power of the cloud down to the device – the edge – and leverage the full potential of data and public cloud to generate insight and create the next generation of AI-enabled digital services.

Our Services

Data and AI

CO4 will identify the opportunities that impact your business and help you shape the data-driven solutions that will take your organisation to the next level. Infuse your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms and transform your business with AI today.


Building and managing APIs is often considered as challenging. Yet the secret lies in implementing a flexible API management platform and getting people on board.

Data and Insights

Uncover insights buried in your data to optimise the way you do business. Whether organising human resources, managing supply chains, or forecasting staff and customer needs, understanding the factors that affect operational efficiency is essential to streamlining your business.


Forward-thinking businesses are gaining a competitive edge by using Blockchain technology.

Internet of Things

By combining the physical and the digital world, you can add value to your business. Internet of Things allows you to gain valuable insights. IoT is more than just connecting devices, it is about enabling advanced analytics against data produced by these devices. Take advantage of this massive opportunity and kickstart your IoT journey now with CO4.